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TOPICAINE® 4% is a gel microemulsion containing 4% lidocaine in a non -greasy formulation; with skin permeation enhancers and soothing agents. TOPICAINE® 5% is a similar composition containing 5% lidocaine, with permeation enhancers and even more soothing ingredients such as alpha-bisabolol (the active principle of chamomile) and shea butter.

What is it for?

TOPICAINE® 4% is indicated for the relief of pain and itching caused by: minor skin irritations, minor burns, minor cuts and insect bites. In addition, medical professionals use this product for aesthetic and medical procedures (off-label uses). Check with your physician or nurse practitioner for your particular case and application.

TOPICAINE® 5% has a label indication for use on anorectal pain such as that caused by hemorrhoids. Not to be used inside the rectum. Check with your physician or nurse practitioner for your particular case and application.

Do I need a prescription to order TOPICAINE®?

No prescription is required to order TOPICAINE®. It is an over-the-counter (OTC) product.

Where can I purchase TOPICAINE®?

In addition to being sold on-line, it is available through many plastic surgeons´ and dermatologists´ offices, medical spas, and aesthetic professionals such as electrologists and laser hair removal specialists, tattoo and make-up artists studios. Some pharmacies carry the product, but check availability by phone in your particular area.

What makes this product unique?

Each of the following terrific benefits (not to mention all of them together!):

  • The combination of maximum non prescription strength lidocaine (4% or 5% depending on the site of application) with effective skin permeation enhancers provides effective numbing action, with rapid onset and long duration.
  • Non-greasy formula is easy to remove and does not interfere with beauty procedures.
  • Gel form is easy to apply and stays in place! Many anesthetics in the market are liquid and are not only ineffective but tend to get into areas where they cause trouble such as the eyes, nostrils, etc. With TOPICAINE®, the application is very precise and convenient.
  • No prescription required, but maximum strength (4%) lidocaine allowed in the USA for general skin use as a topical anesthetic, or maximum strength (5%) for anorectal use. This makes TOPICAINE® much more affordable and convenient than EMLA® cream (an Astra Pharmaceuticals prescription cream which is well known specially among plastic surgeons and aesthetic professionals)
  • Other qualities: contains skin soothing agents such as glycerin, jojoba oil and aloe vera oil.

What are the directions for use?

Apply a moderately thick layer, approximately 1/8 inch thick. Allow time for numbness to develop: 20-60 minutes are sufficient for the anesthetic effect to be sufficient. After the application time, wipe the skin clean.

How thick does TOPICAINE® need to be applied?

A moderately thick layer works best, approximately 1/8 inch thick. It is obtained applying 0.3-0.4 grams of gel per 10 cm2 of skin. As an example, this means applying a dollop the size of a penny to cover the entire upper lip area (from the nostrils to the upper lip contour; area 20 cm2). Or a dollop half the size of a dime, to cover the eyebrow area.

How long does it take to numb the skin?

As an average, the skin above the upper lip or eyebrows areas will be sufficiently numb after 20-30 minutes of application. Other areas such as the legs or bikini may take longer, 45-60 minutes.

What will I feel when I apply TOPICAINE®?

A few minutes post application it is normal to feel a tingling sensation as the product starts to penetrate the skin. After that, the skin will feel numb or slightly heavy.

What degree of numbness is obtained?

The duration of application is the single most important factor in predicting the degree of numbness. The longer the application time, the deeper and more complete the degree of analgesia. For most patients, the application of TOPICAINE® 20-60 minutes will numb the skin enough to alleviate discomfort.

Can it be applied around the eyes?

It should not be applied inside the eyes; it is not an ophthalmic product. Contact with the eyes should be avoided. If contact with the eyes occurs, flush the eyes with saline solution or with water. In some areas of the face, such as the skin below the lower eyelashes (stay away from eyelashes and eyes) where the epidermis is very thin, good control of the pain is achieved after 7-10 minutes of application.

What are skin permeation enhancers?

These are substances that temporarily change the permeability of the stratum corneum, allowing other substances to cross this barrier more effectively.

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