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SmartSpatula ®

SMARTSPATULA® with temperature indicators tells you the temperature of the wax

Stainless steel spatula with temperature indicators, tells the temperature of the wax, so you don’t use it too hot or too cold. The liquid crystal indicators change color from black to green to show the temperature the wax is at.

SMARTSPATULA® is a high quality stainless steel wax applicator with liquid crystal temperature indicators.

Reusable, lasts a lifetime!

Perfect to apply SENSATIONAL YOU®, the all-natural, sugar-honey wax with Alpha Hydroxy Acids. It can also be used with any type of wax.


  1. Dip SmartSpatula® in the warmed wax and stir well.
  2. Remove excess wax and observe the temperature indicators. A change in color from black to green indicates the temperature the wax is at. If indicators remain all black, the wax may be too hot or too cold. In that case wait 2-3 min and re-test. Follow the instructions for hair removal that came with your wax.
  3. After waxing, wash spatula with hot water and soap. Note: if used with a wax that is not water-soluble, clean spatula with baby oil.

Never again worry that your wax is too hot!

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