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Bump & Blemish® Shaving Oil

A few drops are all you need for that perfect shave. SAVE on foams and gels!

Bump & Blemish SHAVING OILS for men and women. Eliminate nicks, cuts and razor burn.

Work wonders for both men and women on even the most sensitive skin

Good things come in little packages. Our NEW Bump & Blemish SHAVING OILS, made from organic plant oils and organic essential oils, work wonders for both men and women on even the most sensitive skin.

They provide a consistently smooth shave that leaves your skin conditioned and moisturized, not oily.

Maximum glide, non comedogenic, nourishing

The oils selected for the formulas provide maximum glide, are non-comedogenic and will not clog your pores. They are also rich in nutrients such as unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin A for your skin.

All formulas contain soothing Aloe extract, and 2 antiseptics: Tea Tree Oil and Eucalyptus Oil.

Simplify your shaving routine

Our shaving oils can simplify greatly your shaving routine: just apply a few drops of the shaving oil to warm, wet skin. If your hair is coarse, leave the oils on for 1-3 minutes to soften the bristle. Then shave. Remember to rinse your razor often with warm water. If you need more glide, apply more water.

You can use the shaving oils alone, or use them as a pre-shaving beard softener and skin conditioner, before your regular shaving cream/gel .

See where you are shaving!

The shaving oils are clear so you can finally see where you're shaving - particularly great for shaving around blemishes, sculpting a beard or moustache - even shaving your head! (Ladies - say goodbye to those cuts around your ankles.)

After you finish shaving, rinse your razor and pat dry, then add a drop of oil - this will help the blade from rusting and extend its life.


  • Fewer nicks and cuts; no razor burn
  • Leaves skin conditioned and moisturized
  • See where you're shaving – shape hair better and avoid problem areas
  • With antiseptic Tea Tree Oil and Eucalyptus Oil, and soothing Aloe extract
  • With organic oils and organic essential oils
  • Prolongs the life of your blade- prevents rust
  • Travel-friendly size will last up to 100 shaves


Wet skin, put 3-6 drops in palms and massage into area to be shaved. Wait a moment for the oils to soften the bristle. Shave normally, rinsing razor often and keeping skin wet. Works great in the shower.

If using electric shaver: massage 2-3 drops into shaving area. Wait 30 seconds for the oils to soften and penetrate, then shave.

Choose the formula that best suits your needs:

For MEN: with a pleasant, distinctive and seductive masculine fragrance with a hint of refreshing menthol.

For WOMEN: a delightful warm sugar-vanilla fragrance and with soothing allantoin and bisabolol.

For SENSITIVE SKIN: scented with all natural essential oil of chamomile and other plants, and rich in soothing aloe, allantoin and bisabolol.

Anti RAZOR BUMPS: with Salicylic Acid to help prevent razor bumps. Scented with all natural essential oils of Grapefruit and Peppermint, suitable for men and women.


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