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Razor Bumps

Get rid of razor bumps and dark spots for good!

Razor Bumps and Dark Spots gone with Bump and Blemish


It is the most effective solution for razor bumps (also known as Pseudofolliculitis Barbae or PFB ) razor burn, ingrown hairs AND the unsightly dark spots (hyperpigmentation) they cause.
More active ingredients than most other products in the market, great skin penetration and subtle natural fragrance - it is the next generation product that both fights bumps PLUS corrects dark spots and discoloration (2 products in one!).
EXTRA BRIGHTENING with 3 patented active ingredients: Chromabright® - SabiWhite®- OxyResvenox®


Tired of getting bumps after you shave or wax? You need to know how this happens!

A bump is born when a hair is trapped inside the skin, or grows back into the skin, and your body interprets it as foreign body and reacts with redness, swelling and pain (like when you get a splinter). This results in the appearance of "bumps" in the skin.

These razor bumps are called PseudoFolliculitis Barbae or PFB when they happen in the beard area, and bikini bumps or pubic bumps if in that zone. These problems are common after shaving, hence the name "razor" bumps, but are also common after tweezing, using epilators and waxing, and less frequently, after electrolysis and laser hair removal.

They are specially common when the hair is thick and curly. Areas with tight clothing, specially if the fabric is non-breathable, are specially vulnerable.


An ingrown hair is any hair trapped into the skin. If the hair is trapped very near the surface of the skin, it may not cause a bump. But if it is deeper, it will most likely cause the foreign body reaction and therefore, a bump.


BUMP & BLEMISH® helps you prevent and quickly resolve existing razor bumps. Apply BUMP & BLEMISH® immediately after any hair removal procedure, and daily afterwards, to maintain the appearance of smooth, clear skin.

Dr Charles CrutchfieldBUMP & BLEMISH® is widely used by dermatologists.

This is an excerpt from an interview published in June, 2011 by Dermatology Times, with Dr Charles E. Crutchfield III*.

Dr Crutchfield is a prominent dermatologist practicing in Eagan, Minnesota, head of Crutchfield Dermatology and Associate Professor of Dermatology of Minnesota Medical School.

NOTE: Dr Crutchfield has no ties with or financial interest in ESBA Labs or BUMP & BLEMISH®.


"A lotion by ESBA Labs, called Bump & Blemish®, may be one of the best options among the less-expensive products." Dr Crutchfield, who has no financial ties with the company, says he tried it and has used it on several patients in the past few months with good results.


"It contains an anti-inflammatory, exfoliant and ingredients that fade away the dark spots. That is another problem with patients of color- they often heal with dark spots that are as bothersome as the razor bumps. This product helps rid of that post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation"

Published in: Dermatology Times, June 2011 Vol.32, No 6


Persistent razor bumps or ingrown hairs lead to over-stimulation of the melanocytes (dark pigment producing cells) resulting in dark spots. BUMP & BLEMISH® is the only product in the market that helps with the bumps AND brightens the skin, evening out the skin tone. Three patented, naturally derived active ingredients: Chromabright®, a new lipo-soluble skin brightener that readily penetrates the skin and that is used in the most expensive skin care products; SabiWhite®, a natural ingredient derived from the spice curcumin (16 times more active than Hydroquinone) and OxyResvenox®, a derivative of the natural antioxidant resveratrol (32 times as potent as Kojic Acid) are the main ingredients that provide this action. Hydroquinone free.


Use on men's beards, back, chest and on women's bikini area, underarms and legs. To prevent the appearance of razor bumps, ingrown hairs, razor burn, use once daily, immediately after hair removal. To address existing problems, use twice daily until skin clears. Spot treat more frequently on recalcitrant areas. The bumps will become less noticeable and less painful very quickly (for some, within 24 hours). The brightening of the dark spots and areas takes place slowly, over a period of several weeks.


Unlike our competitors', our product does not sting upon application. This really helps when applying it to recently shaved, waxed or treated skin. It is also non-greasy and non drying. Leaves the skin moisturized.


  • Exfoliating: with Salicylic Acid; which helps to open up the razor bumps and release the ingrown hairs;

  • Skin Soothing: with Acetyl Salicylic Acid, SabiWhite®, Borage Oil, Lavender Essential Oil to improve the appearance of redness and swelling; and

  • Skin Brightening: with 3 potent skin brightening actives to even out the skin tone, correcting the dark spots. It is a combination of Chromabright®- SabiWhite®, and OxyResvenox®, all patented ingredients. Chromabright ® is a novel skin brightener that has been tested for efficacy and safety with satisfactory results. The product presents no side effects with good efficacy in vitro and in vivo. The combination is synergistic. Hydroquinone free


Contains a small amount of Lavender Essential Oil and a hint of Grapefruit Essential Oil, which gives the product a subtle natural fragrance suitable for both MEN and WOMEN. Lavender oil is recognized as having a skin soothing effect as well as in aromatherapy for its mood calming action.


BUMP & BLEMISH® is available in the NEW 3 Oz (90 ml) bottle with large roll-on applicator, 4 Oz (120 ml) with disc-top dispensing caps and 0.4 Oz (12 ml) roll-on. All the sizes except the 4 Oz are OK for airline travel.


A little goes a long way! This product will SAVE you money when you compare with others.

Using the face or bikini areas as an example, the 3 Oz bottle provides 6-8 months of twice daily treatments; the 4 Oz bottle 8-12 months.

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