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TOPICAINE  4 Oz (113 g) Skin Numbing Topical Anesthetic Gel. Lidocaine 4%
Topicaine 4% clinically proven skin numbing gel. Topical anesthetic with lidocaine 4%. Prevent pain from tattooing, laser hair removal, electrolysis, waxing, permanent make up and more!

TOPICAINE 4 Oz (113 g) Skin Numbing Topical Anesthetic Gel. Lidocaine 4%

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  • Long-Lasting Relief:Quick, effective numbness proven in clinical studies
  • Clear, Translucent Gel:Clear and colourless when applied to the skin
  • Non-flaky:Doesn't dry out or flake off, leaving your skin smooth and hydrated
  • Non-oily Formula:Wipes off cleanly and easily
  • MORE INFORMATION:Click here for a lot more info!
TOPICAINE® is a non-oily translucent gel containing Lidocaine 4%, a skin numbing topical anesthetic ingredient. The formulation is able to quickly penetrate the skin through a specially designed delivery system with permeation enhancers. Fast onset of action (skin numbing starts at 5-10 minutes) and a long duration of numbing effect (30-60 minutes depending on the site and application time). Efficacy proven in independent clinical studies. TOPICAINE® is an over-the-counter product (no prescription is required), and is available directly to you from ESBA Labs (we are the manufacturer), or through physicians, aesthetic professionals, and in pharmacies nationwide (please call your local pharmacy for availability). MORE INFORMATION

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