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SMOOTH SHAVE KIT - anti-razor bumps, dark spot corrector shaving kit

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  • Triple Action:Exfoliating, soothing and brightening
  • Razor-Bump Free:Helps keep the skin problem-free after shaving, waxing, electrolysis and laser hair removal.Solves ALL hair removal complications
  • Extra Skin-Brightening:Corrects dark spots and evens out the skin tone with the power of 3 patented active ingredients: Chromabright- SabiWhite- OxyResvenox
  • Why choose Bump & Blemish:More active ingredients, excellent penetration into the skin and natural subtle fragrance suitable for MEN and WOMEN
  • Non-Drying and No-Stinging:Skin stays hydrated and smooth. Does not sting upon application.
  • MORE INFORMATION:Click here for a lot more info!
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GREAT PRESENT FOR HIM! The Smooth Shave Kit has everything he needs for a perfect shave each time and the smooth, even-toned skin he craves.
Start your shaving routine with Quench Scrub to exfoliate your skin and prepare it for shaving. MORE ON QUENCH SCRUB
Then use 3 drops of our amazing Shaving Oil on your moistened face and enjoy the closest and most comfortable shave. MORE ON SHAVING OIL
Follow with Bump & Blemish solution. It will help you resolve and prevent any hair removal complications: razor bumps, ingrown hairs, razor burn AND for the darkened, hyperpigmented areas that ingrown hairs leave behind even after they are gone. Bump and Blemish is two products in one: bump fighter plus dark spot corrector. MORE ON BUMP & BLEMISH
Finish with Quench PT, our all botanical anti-inflammatory and skin brightening balm. Non oily, soothing, wonderful! MORE ON QUENCH PT

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