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SENSATIONAL YOU waxing hair removal kit
Sensational You complete waxing hair removal set. Enough to do 3 or more full legs plus bikini waxings. One jar of wax, 40 reusable waxing strips and one SmartSpatula with temperature indicators.

SENSATIONAL YOU waxing hair removal kit

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  • Gentle on the Skin:Unlike hot waxes, it is gentle on the skin while allowing for easy hair removal
  • All-Natural Ingredients:Contains more than 20% real bee honey, as well as sugar, chamomile tea and fruit acids (alpha hydroxy acids). Leaves the skin super smooth!
  • Body Temperature Wax:Can be used at or just above body temperature, which feels pleasant on the skin. Use SmartSpatula to eliminate the guesswork, it tells you the temperature of the wax.
  • Easy Cleanup:Sensational You is water soluble, making cleanup a breeze. Just wipe if off with moist towel (warm water works best).
  • Professional Results for an Affordable Price:The Sensational You Complete Hair Removal Kit contains everything you need for salon-quality waxing, and all the tools to do so in the comfort of your home
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The SENSATIONAL YOU® complete hair removal waxing kit includes one 12.5 oz SENSATIONAL YOU Wax, one SmartSpatula stainless steel spatula with temperature indicators, and 40 reusable Muslin strips. This generously sized kit contains everything you need for professional waxing results from the comfort of your home. Sensational You Wax MORE INFORMATION

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