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Lubricaine® Anal Desensitizer and Lube - 2 in 1 all natural

LUBRICAINE® ANORECTAL - Desensitizer and Lubricant for Couples

Shop Lubricaine® anorectal numbing and lubricant all natural gel;

LUBRICAINE® ANORECTAL is an anal desensitizer and lubricant 2 in 1 product. Formulated with Lidocaine 5% in a slippery lubricating gel with 100% naturally derived ingredients. Lidocaine works synergistically with organic Roman Chamomile to relax and slightly desensitize your anal area. Naturally scented and flavored with organic Stevia extract. Pharmacist formulated; ALCOHOL free. No sting upon application!



  • Relaxes your butt muscles and lightly numbs your nerves for greater comfort during anal sex.
  • Active Ingredient is 5% Lidocaine working synergistically with Roman Chamomile Essential Oil.
  • Formulated in a slippery gel that doubles up as a lube.
  • Works in just a few minutes: lightly rub a small dab in and around the anal area about 5-10 minutes in advance.
  • Ideal for anal beginners, especially those worried about how anal might feel.
  • Works with anal toys too so you can build up your backdoor experience gradually.
  • 100% safe to use with condoms, water-based, no mess like oils or silicones.
  • Comes in a 4 ounce tube with enough gel for at least 100 applications.
  • All natural gel, FREE of propylene glycol, PEGs, parabens, silicones, petroleum derivatives, artificial colors or fragrances. Compare with our competitor’s.
  • Alcohol FREE, no sting upon application.


LUBRICAINE® ANORECTAL takes the sting out of anal, whether you’re having sex or just experimenting with toys!

How it works

It works by eliminating the top two barriers to enjoyable anal sex – tense muscles and hyper-sensitive nerves. Lidocaine, the gel’s active ingredient works together with Roman Chamomile Essential oil to naturally relax your strong sphincter muscles and prevent them from tensing up all over again. At the same time, it dampens the sensitivity of your nerves. You’ll still feel everything; it just won’t be as intense. With those obstacles out of your way, you and your partner are completely free to experiment with anal penetration and sex.


How to use

Apply LUBRICAINE® ANORECTAL by lightly rubbing a finger-tip sized dab in and around your partner’s sphincter ring. The gel starts working within 5-10 minutes. Start off slowly with some gentle teasing before inserting a finger or two to see how your partner responds. They might need another application if they’re more sensitive than average.


How available

LUBRICAINE® ANORECTAL comes in a 4-ounce tube with a child-resistant cap and tamper-proof seal. Enough for at least 100 applications! It is flavored and sweetened with organic Stevia extract. Discreetly packaged.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I use LUBRICAINE® ANORECTAL to relax and desensitize my butt, will my partner be numb?
A: Your partner may also slightly desensitize - this may help him last longer by delaying ejaculation.


Lidocaine 5 % in a non-oily gel composed of Vegetable Glycerin, Propanediol (Corn-derived, Renewable), Purified Water, Organic Roman Chamomile Essential Oil, Xanthan Gum, Allantoin USP, Lactic Acid, Organic Stevia Rebaudiana Extract. Preserved with Benzyl Alcohol plus Dehydroacetic Acid, both naturally occurring ingredients. This preservative system is Ecocert approved for organic and natural products. ALCOHOL (Ethanol) free, no stinging.