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HAIRLINE COLOR SHIELD PRO 0.25 oz (10 g) hair dye barrier- hair color stain remover
No more ugly stains on your forehead when you have your hair dyed. Hairline Color Shield Pro forms a barrier that protects your skin from the chemicals in the hair dye. Also great as a hair dye remover. With soothing bisabolol and Vit E, all natural fragrance from essential oils.

HAIRLINE COLOR SHIELD PRO 0.25 oz (10 g) hair dye barrier- hair color stain remover

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  • Parfum-Free:Scented only with natural, essential oils such as bisabolol, an oil found in chamomile with a weak floral scent
  • Vaseline and Petroleum Free:Contains no greasy artificial oils, unlike other chemically processed products
  • Sanitary Application:Product is squeezed out of a tube and can be easily applied with a cotton swab or clean cloth
  • Easy Cleanup:Grease free and easily removed after dyeing - no more scrubbing at the skin to remove harmful dyes
  • Deep Moisturizing Action:Protects the skin with natural soothing agents, such as bisabolol, vitamin E, and peppermint oil
  • Super Savings:Compare with Repelle: savings of over 50%, as well as saving time on salon visits
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HAIRLINE COLOR SHIELD PRO is the new, simple and inexpensive solution to prevent staining of your skin along the hairline when coloring your hair. HAIRLINE COLOR SHIELD PRO protects your hairline from unwanted skin staining, soothing your skin with bisabolol (an oil found in chamomile) and Vitamin E while you dye. Avoid stains, redness and irritation. No more scrubbing afterwards...just enjoy your beautiful hair.

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