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LIPOCAINE Topical Anesthetic - Skin Numbing Cream with Lidocaine

LIPOCAINE® Topical Anesthetic Cream with Liposomal Lidocaine 5%

LIPOCAINE® is a topical anesthetic cream containing lidocaine 5% formulated in liposomes for fast and deep skin numbing. The cream vehicle is composed with 100% naturally derived ingredients with a natural preservative system. Pharmacist formulated; ALCOHOL free. No sting upon application! Great to use on the face and sensitive areas.

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LUBRICAINE ANORECTAL - desensitizing anal lubricant and muscle relaxant

LUBRICAINE® for Couples

LUBRICAINE® FOR COUPLES is an anal desensitizer and lubricant 2 in 1 product. Formulated with Lidocaine 5% in a slippery lubricating gel with 100% naturally derived ingredients. Lidocaine works synergistically with organic Roman Chamomile to relax and slightly desensitize your anal area. Naturally scented and flavored with organic Stevia extract. Pharmacist formulated; ALCOHOL free. No sting upon application!

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Lubricaine for Her - desensitizing vaginal lubricant and moisturizer


Hormone-free water-based gel designed to provide temporary relief from external vaginal pain and itching. Lubricates, moisturizes and slightly desensitizes. With Lidocaine (4%), a topical anesthetic ingredient formulated in a naturally derived gel with 100% botanical moisturizers and lubricants. With protective Cranberry, healing Organic Aloe Vera, and soothing Licorice and Comfrey extracts. Slippery, lubricating gel, optimal vaginal pH. Naturally sweetened, flavored and scented with Stevia and Vanilla extracts.

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Topicaine skin numbing gel with lidocaine topical anesthetic 4% 

and 5%


Topical anesthetic gel with lidocaine 4% or 5% in a penetrating vehicle. Rapid onset and long duration of skin numbing effect. Efficacy proven in clinical studies. Translucent, non-oily gel. Widely used by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, electrologists, tattoo artists, permanent make up and other aesthetic professionals. Relieves both pain and itching. Topicaine is FDA and Health Canada (Sante Canada) registered.

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Bump & Blemish for razor bumps and 



Tired of getting red, irritated bumps after hair removal? Rapidly improve the appearance of unsightly razor bumps, bikini bumps, razor burn and ingrown hairs. Bump & Blemish® is also skin brightening, non-irritating, non-drying and has a pleasant scent. Fights bumps and evens out the skin tone!

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Bump & Blemish Shaving Oils for a perfect shave


A few drops of our new Shaving Oil is all you need for that perfect shave. Save on foams and gels! Made with organic oils and essential oils, this nourishing shaving oil lets your razor glide over your skin, helping you avoid nick, cuts and razor burn. It applies clear, so you can see where you are shaving. Four formulas to choose from.

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Quench PT 

all natural organic cream soothes red irritated skin after treatments


All naturally derived skin soothing and brightening cream. Soothes red, irritated skin after procedures such as laser hair removal, electrolysis, photofacials, PDT and more. Made with organic ingredients. Arnica to help prevent bruising and swelling; Curcumin liposomes to help prevent discoloration. Soothing botanicals A to Z: from Aloe to Witch Hazel.

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Quench Scrub Microdermabrasion skin exfoliating all 

natural scrub with vegetable ivory beads and Sabiwhite® for skin brightening


Cold weather can do a number on your skin! Avoid dry, flakey skin with all natural QUENCH SCRUB MICRODERMABRASION. The exquisite beads (vegetable ivory) from the Tagua Palm of Ecuador provide gentle mechanical exfoliation that will leave your skin unbelievably smooth. Once dead skin is gone, apply a great moisturizer (check out our QUENCH PT!) to fully hydrate your skin. The vegetable ivory beads when rubbed gently on wet skin produce a microdermabrasion like effect. Why pay expensive salon fees?

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Quench Scrub skin exfoliating all 

natural scrub with Sabiwhite® for skin brightening


Reveal a more radiant complexion! All natural QUENCH SCRUB has all the same skin soothing and brightening ingredients as QUENCH PT, plus organic Apricot Seeds to mechanically exfoliate the skin. These seeds are round and when you gently rub them on wet skin, they remove the outer layers of dead skin, without irritation.

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Hairline ColorShield Pro prevents staining of 

the skin during hair dyeing


Prevent staining of the skin during hair coloring with Hairline ColorShield Pro. This invisible barrier keeps hairline free from stains and is non oily for easy cleanup. Free of vaseline or petrolatum or perfum. Protects the skin from the hair dyeing chemicals with bisabolol and vitamin E. Compare to REPELLE and SAVE!

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Sensational You® hair removal waxing kit with 

SmartSpatura, sugar-honey wax and reusable waxing strips


Be hair-free for weeks with our gentle sugar-honey wax. All natural, water soluble, body temperature, microwavable. With Alpha Hydroxy Acids that help exfoliate the skin and reduce ingrown hairs. Check out our unique SmartSpatula® that tells you the temperature of the wax. Professional results at home at a fraction of the cost.

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