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SMART SPATULA with temperature indicators for hair removal by waxing
SmartSpatula tells you the temperature of the wax

SMART SPATULA with temperature indicators for hair removal by waxing

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  • Avoid Accidental Burning:Never get burned by wax again - the temperature indicators will let you know the temperature of the wax
  • Durable and Flexible:Made of stainless steel, which is flexible enough to use with the wax but will not warp. Lifetime guarantee!
  • Achieve Perfect Wax Temperature:Eliminates guesswork! Smart Spatula ensures that the wax you use is never too cold and unpleasant but never too hot to use
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The Smart Spatula® is a highly durable, stainless steel spatula with visible temperature indicators of wax temperature. Reaching the perfect temperature is easy with the Smart Spatula; simply heat a jar of Sensational You Wax and test it with the Smart Spatula. The strip of liquid crystals at the end of the spatula will change colour from black to green, indicating whether or not your wax is too hot or too cold.

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