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Welcome to ESBA Labs Online Store

We all want to have smooth, even toned, healthy skin.

Unwanted hair can spoil all we want it removed. We shave, wax, tweeze, pluck, thread, use depilatories, mechanical epilators, have laser hair removal or electrolysis.

But hair removal is usually not fun!

It takes time, effort, money, and depending on the method, it can be PAINFUL.

90 day no-

hassle money back guaranteeWe started our business offering SENSATIONAL YOU®, an all natural wax for hair removal. It is gentle, easy to use and clean up (with just water).

It can be used at body temperature, and leaves the skin silky smooth. It causes the least amount of pain among all the waxes we have tested.

But, we thought we could do better...

So next, we launched TOPICAINE®, a topical anesthetic gel that lets you numb your skin prior to waxing. It also calms red, itchy skin afterwards.

Ahhh...bikini waxing all of a sudden became much more palatable.

TOPICAINE® is our best-selling product. It has so many applications!

TOPICAINE® is a must-have product to ease the pain of waxing, electrolysis, tattooing, permanent make up, laser hair removal, dermal filler injections, botox and many other beauty treatments and minor medical procedures. It is also great to have on hand for minor burns, insect bites and sunburn to name a few.

Your hair is gone, for now. But, are you done?

Not removal can cause complications like razor bumps, ingrown hairs, bikini bumps, razor burn and hyperpigmentation (dark spots).

To solve these problems, we launched BUMP & BLEMISH®: a razor bumps fighter plus dark spot corrector all in one.

Your search for a solution to razor and bikini bumps has ended.

Try BUMP & BLEMISH® and you will NOT regret it.
  It is so effective, you will see results in DAYS.

Plus, it does not sting or dry out your skin upon application and has a light natural fragrance.

Hair removal can also leave your skin red, irritated and itchy. For that, we developed QUENCH PT®. It is a sensitive skin soothing balm that is loaded with botanical active ingredients, almost too many to mention, from Aloe to Witch Hazel.

QUENCH PT® has Arnica to prevent bruising and swelling and Curcumin liposomes to prevent discoloration, brighten the skin and even out the skin tone. It is made with Organic Ingredients and has no animal or petroleum derivatives.

We recently launched HAIRLINE COLOR SHIELD PRO® to prevent staining of the skin along the hairline when you color your hair. Do-it-yourself and professionals alike love it. No more scrubbing stains, just beautiful hair color.

Our team is back in the lab, so new products will be available soon.

We want to help you look good and feel great. Thank you for considering being our customer.

We sell to both individuals and professionals like physicians (dermatologists, plastic surgeons, allergy specialists, and many other), laser clinics, electrologists, tattoo artists, tattoo removal clinics, permanent make up artists, barbers, hospitals and pharmacies.

Professionals qualify for wholesale pricing, please apply here.

To all our customers we aim to provide superb customer service, a no-hassle 90 day return guarantee, FREE shipping on USA orders over $35, and loyalty reward points ($1 for every $10 spent). We also ship FREE worldwide to all USA military personnel (APO|FPO|DPO) to thank them for their service.


Snapshot of Our Products

Bump & Blemish for razor bumps and 



Tired of getting red, irritated bumps after hair removal? Get rid of and prevent reappearance of unsightly razor bumps, razor burn, ingrown hairs AND dark sports (hyperpigmentation). Bump & Blemish® is extra brightening, non-irritating, non-drying and has a pleasant natural fragrance. Bump fighter plus dark spot corrector.

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Topicaine skin numbing gel with lidocaine topical anesthetic 4% 

and 5%


Topical anesthetic gel with lidocaine 4% or 5% in a penetrating vehicle. Rapid onset and long duration of skin numbing effect. Efficacy proven in clinical studies. Translucent, non-oily gel. Widely used by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, electrologists, tattoo artists, permanent make up and other aesthetic professionals. Relieves both pain and itching.

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Quench PT 

all natural organic cream soothes red irritated skin after treatments


All naturally derived skin soothing and brightening cream. Soothes red, irritated skin after procedures such as laser hair removal, electrolysis, photofacials, PDT and more. Made with organic ingredients. Arnica to help prevent bruising and swelling; Curcumin liposomes to help prevent hyperpigmentation. Soothing botanicals A to Z: from Aloe to Witch Hazel.

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Quench Scrub skin exfoliating all 

natural scrub with Sabiwhite® for skin brightening


Reveal a more radiant complexion! All natural QUENCH SCRUB has all the same skin soothing and brightening ingredients as QUENCH PT, plus organic Apricot Seeds to mechanically exfoliate the skin. These seeds are round and when you gently rub them on wet skin, they remove the outer layers of dead skin, without irritation.

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Hairline ColorShield Pro prevents staining of 

the skin during hair dyeing


Prevent staining of the skin during hair coloring with Hairline ColorShield Pro. This invisible barrier keeps hairline free from stains and is non oily for easy cleanup. Free of vaseline or petrolatum or perfum. Protects the skin from the hair dyeing chemicals with bisabolol and vitamin E. Compare to REPELLE and SAVE!

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Sensational You® hair removal waxing kit with 

SmartSpatura, sugar-honey wax and reusable waxing strips


Be hair-free for weeks with our gentle sugar-honey wax. All natural, water soluble, body temperature, microwavable. With Alpha Hydroxy Acids that help exfoliate the skin and reduce ingrown hairs. Check out our unique SmartSpatula® that tells you the temperature of the wax. Professional results at home at a fraction of the cost.

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